Nintendo is fed up with hackers. Ever since Switch debuted, the modding and hacking community has been hard at work finding exploits, and they now claim the system is completely compromised. Nintendo began cracking down on this activity a couple weeks back, banning prominent members of the Homebrew community. Nintendo has continued to step up their anti-hacker efforts since, and this week they focused in on Splatoon 2.

Octolings will be added to
Splatoon 2 as playable characters when the Octo Expansion launches this Summer, but fans have already added them in through unofficial means. Once some of these players found a way to play as Octolings online, Nintendo started paying attention. They have since begun banning the accounts of Octoling players from accessing Switch’s online features.

Nintendo appears to be getting more serious about hackers all the time, but that won’t stop them from looking for more exploits. This will likely be a battle they have to fight throughout Switch’s life.

Source: Reddit

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