Earlier this year, Nintendo filed three patents featuring infrared sensors and magnetic button attachments, which just appeared last week in the US patent online records. Now, a 2013 patent that features attachments similar to that of recently revealed paperwork has been updated and made available to the public.

The new design shows off input methods on the controller that can be switched out for others. This has made people wonder whether the NX will utilize this device as its controller, with the reveal of the console and the update of this patent happening conveniently close to each other.

However, it remains to be seen if the idea in this patent will ever see the light of day and whether it will be combined with other recent patents from Nintendo. Who knows, the device could even be suggesting a new handheld console is in the works, as the 3DS is five years old at this point. Either way, be sure to tell us in the comments what you think of this new device!

Source: The US Patent and Trademark Office

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