Earlier this month, rumors of an extra dungeon in the upcoming HD remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess began circling, courtesy of a now removed leak on Amazon France. This dungeon, dubbed “The Trial of the Beast,” is unlocked via the new Wolf Link Amiibo, with a very lucrative reward waiting at its end. A new trailer from Nintendo has now officially confirmed its existence as the Cave of Shadows.

The new 40-floor dungeon is a similar trial to the optional Cave of Ordeals gauntlet already found in the game. Link will be stuck in wolf form for this dungeon as he and Midna mow through waves of enemies, meaning that his sword, inventory, and healing items will be unavailable. On top of enemies, environmental hazards like iced floors and lava will give challengers more to worry about as they traverse deeper into the Cave of Shadows. Reaching the bottom floor will reward players with the previously revealed Bottomless Wallet, should they have the Giant’s Wallet.

The Wolf Link Amiibo acts as a record keeper in this case, saving a record of the player’s remaining hearts in the Cave of Shadows and encouraging players to beat their previous score. The Amiibo also replenishes Link’s health in-game with the same number of hearts.

Though no additional information was made clear about the Wolf Link Amiibo’s compatibility with the new
Zelda title for the Wii U later this year, the figurine does appear to store information about the player’s journey, according to Famitsu Magazine. The Amiibo will “save a number” presumably generated based on how far the player has progressed in Twilight Princess HD.

Hyrule Warriors Legends on the Nintendo 3DS, the Wolf Link Amiibo unlocks enhanced weapons for Midna.

Source: Famitsu (via Nintendo Everything)

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