It’s no secret that a big key to Nintendo’s success over the years has been introducing youth to their video games and continuing to expand the gamer population. If you think back, many in my age group (I’m 27) grew up with Nintendo consoles, but what about those experiences really drew me to their platform over others? What about children last generation, or even during the 90s? Nintendo has a plan.

GamesBeat: Certain sectors and markets are always under attack by competitors. The kids’ market seems like one of those. Free-to-play and mobile have really gone after that market. How do you hang on to this segment that’s so important?

Reggie: It’s critical for us to have kids grow into and aspire to play Nintendo content. I think about how I introduced my kids to Mario and to The Legend of Zelda. We have to find ways to do that today. We’re doing it in a variety of different ways. We had about 10 kids here yesterday, unique kids — kids who write for Time for Kids, kids who have their own YouTube channels. We had them interacting with Mr. Miyamoto and playing our games. They had a fabulous time. We think that type of activity, and having the kids themselves broadcast out what they found appealing, is critically important.

We’re doing things around our web presence. We’re going to be launching, later this year, a dedicated kids and parents portal that speaks directly to kids and introduces them to our franchises. It gives moms and dads some fun activities – how to plan a Mario-themed birthday party. Things that we know parents are interested in, but there’s not a ready resource. That kind of information doesn’t exist on today. It’s a day to day job for us to create messaging and content for kids and parents to keep filling the funnel of new consumers to play our games.

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