Nintendo has released its earnings report for the first quarter of fiscal 2015, which is the period of time between July 1st and September 30th, 2015. The report shows that Nintendo generated $26 million in positive profits over the past three months, and Nintendo anticipates that for the full fiscal year (which lasts from April 1st, 2015 through March 31st, 2016), they will generate around $290 million in positive profits.

Despite financial losses in recent years, Nintendo still has an enormous safety net when it comes to their bank account. The latest earnings report shows that Nintendo has around ¥518,816 million (or just over $4.3 billion) in the bank and around ¥1,089,352 million (or just over $9 billion) in total current assets. This puts their money in the bank at a slightly lower amount than last quarter, but their total current assets are about $500 million more than last quarter.

Source: Nintendo

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