After three tough years, Nintendo’s financials are finally trending upwards. Late last night an analyst report suggested Nintendo would report a $300 million profit for the past three months, and they actually did slightly better than that. Net income for the past nine months is at ¥59.5 billion, which is up from ¥14.3 at the last report. This means Nintendo generated a positive profit of ¥45.2 billion, or about $384 million, from October 1 to December 31. For the full nine month period that’s over half a billion dollars of cash for Nintendo.

With nine months of results in, Nintendo has modified its sales forecast for the full year. They now expect their sales and operating income to be significantly decreased (they expect their operating income to be cut in half from ¥40 billion to ¥20 billion), but they’ve increased their net income prediction. Previously, Nintendo had projected a ¥20 billion net income, but they’ve increased that estimate to ¥30 billion. This seems like an extremely modest projection. In fact, since income is currently at ¥59.5 billion, it appears as if Nintendo is actually bracing for a loss in the final quarter of the fiscal year. Do they have some big expenses coming up that we don’t know about? We’ll have to wait and see.

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