Back in May, Nintendo launched a new IP called Splatoon. The first new game from the Nintendo Garage program takes team-based third-person shooting and puts a new twist on it with a territory-controlling mechanic. Those gameplay elements combine with a heavy dose of Nintendo charm and family-friendly fun to create a winning formula. After less than one month on the market, Splatoon has already eclipsed the one million sales mark. As Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata recently explained to shareholders, that sales rate actually exceeded Nintendo’s expectations!

“As some of you may have seen the TV commercials we have been airing recently, “Splatoon” is a brand-new title and not a title from an established series. It has a very unique and fantasy-like setting. This game, inspired by squid squirting out ink, is played by human-shaped characters with squid-like features shooting, instead of squirting, ink at each other, and the team that paints the widest area in its team color wins. Having received high recognition from our consumers for its novelty, this title’s sell-through sales reached 1 million units in less than a month from its release. We feel very grateful for this, since our view was not so optimistic prior to release, for it being a non-series title.”
— Satoru Iwata

Nintendo spent a lot more time and effort promoting
Splatoon than many of their other recent games, and it looks like it’s paying off big time!

Source: Nintendo

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