There is no such thing as a perfect video game, but the quality standard for Nintendo games always feels like a step above the rest of the industry. You never hear about a game needing a day one patch to be playable, and I can’t remember the last game breaking bug I ran into (okay, I can, the cannon room save in Twilight Princess). How are they able to maintain such a high standard of quality? Cindy Gordon, VP of Corporate Affairs, sheds some light on the topic:

Examiner: With games, my priority is great gameplay and then we can move onto graphics. The aesthetics of a game can be absolutely gorgeous, but with no heart and soul, it is just a pretty game. Nintendo has a good reputation for releasing products that are well-polished. The quality team does a great job on working toward a finished product that has few to none glitches and the Nintendo graphics are an added bonus.

Cindy: The developers will not put out the game unless it is to our perfection. They are tweaking all the way until launch. The games do not come out until they are ready so that the fans have a great experience with them. So, I definitely agree.”

Source: Examiner

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Nathanial Rumphol-Janc
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