Yesterday we reported that data miner OatmealDome had dug around in the code of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and discovered an upcoming update. OatmealDome claimed that version 2.0.0, the first major numbered update, would be dropping next week. We had little doubt as to the accuracy of this claim, but now Nintendo has stepped forward to confirm it themselves.

If you fire up your copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate today you’ll get a notification from Nintendo letting you know that Version 2.0.0 is coming “within the next week.” Nintendo hasn’t specified an exact date yet, but in preparation, you’ll want to take any Replays that you care about and convert them into videos. Once the update goes live, old replays that haven’t been converted won’t work anymore.

Nintendo hasn’t revealed exactly what this update is bringing to the table, but we can safely assume there will likely be lots of minor improvements and probably some balance changes. On top of that, it’s possible that the free Piranha Plant DLC will be released next week as well. Nintendo previously said they were targeting a February release for the new fighter.

Ben Lamoreux


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