Mario Tennis Aces took center stage in the March 8th Nintendo Direct, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about which characters might be holding a racket in the latest game. In a recent video posted by Nintendo themselves, fans spotted a new character on the character select screen. He made his first appearance as a playable character in Mario Party 10, and now he’s back for more competition. It’s Spike!

In a new European commercial promoting the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo accidentally let it slip that Spike is joining Mario and friends on the court. The video only sat on the character selection screen for a few seconds, but eagle-eyed fans caught Spike peeking out of one of the character bubbles. You can see him yourself in the video below around the 1:48 mark.

Spike has appeared as an enemy in many Mario games and he’s taken a few different forms, like the enraged Spike from
Super Princess Peach and the Stone Spikes in New Super Marios Bros U. Spike was playable in Mario Party 10 and made his Mario Sports debut in Mario Sports Superstars. It looks like he’ll be rocking his traditional green-skinned and blue-haired appearance in Mario Tennis Aces.

It’ll be exciting to see how Spike maneuvers around the court. Do you have any ideas for fun moves? Are you excited to play as Spike? Sound off in the comments below!

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