The latest in Hyperkin’s line of RetroN consoles, the RetroN 5, is one of the most hotly anticipated gaming gadgets of 2014. RetroN 5 is a console that plays games for NES, SNES, SEGA Genesis, Mega Drive, Famicom, Super Famicom, and all three generations of Game Boy all in one box—and unlike some retro emulators which play these games digitally, the RetroN 5 plays all your original cartridges for that classic retro feel.

In an exclusive interview with Hyperkin’s Chris Gallizzi at SXSW, our own Imad Khan asked if they ever plan on working Nintendo 64 into a future RetroN console. This was his response:

“Yeah, but if you really want an insight I can tell you: check us out at E3, you’ll see something there. That is an exclusive, actually; I have not told anyone else, any other media, or any press that. If you really are big about the N64, you will see something at E3.” — Chris Gallizzi

Now the question remains: will Hyperkin’s Nintendo 64 support come on a future RetroN console, or will it be its own unit?

Gallizzi also revealed that Hyperkin is working on a box that can play DOS games, complete with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, as well as a way of supporting even older consoles like Atari 2600 and Commodore 64.

Stay tuned at Gamnesia later tonight for the full interview!

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