Not many people remember Cavia, which is not so surprising when you consider the developer does not exist anymore. However, before they left for good, they gave us Nier, one of the most bizarrely beautiful games ever created. Now with many former members working directly with their former publisher Square Enix, Taro Yoko and company have returned for an offshoot sequel of their original game, titled NieR: Automata. However, that is not the news here—the news is that it finally has a set Japanese release date of February 23, 2017.

The release date was revealed in a brand new trailer for the game released at Tokyo Game Show. Unfortunately, there is no indication whether or not the game will release worldwide on this date.

As for the trailer, it speaks for itself. No, really. It mostly consists of a “Now Loading” message with flashing numbers while multiple voices scream at you in Japanese. There are brief flashes of in-game cutscenes including a lady that looks like she lives in the internet, a super cool robot, and one of the YoHRa protagonists stabbing someone. All in all, pretty confusing stuff. But, if you have played the original Nier, or its predecessor Drakengard, you know that is par for the course in this series.

Are you excited for NieR: Automata? Do you think that the release date will be a worldwide release, or will we get our version later? Let us know in the comments below!

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