A new NieR: Automata trailer shown at Jump Festa featured some fancy new, referential weapons for players to get their hands on. The weapons in question are the Engine Blade from Final Fantasy XV and the Cypress Stick from the Dragon Quest series. While the Engine Blade was previously announced when Final Fantasy XV launched several weeks ago, the Cypress Stick is a brand new addition to NieR‘s arsenal. What’s more, both weapons happen to have some added effects that change up the game in a pretty cool way.

The Engine Blade gives players access to Noctis’ Blink ability from Final Fantasy XV. For the uninitiated, Blink allowed players to dodge and teleport around the battlefield in Final Fantasy. While Blink in NieR appears to just be a visual effect to give the impression that the protagonist is using the teleportation ability, it is still pretty cool looking. The Cypress Stick also adds a visual twist to gameplay: the iconic design of Dragon Quest’s damage numbers will appear when enemies are struck with the almighty stick. Treasure chests also appear to be redesigned to look more like their Dragon Quest counterparts.

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