Pokémon GO had an unbelievably successful debut in the Summer of 2016, and nearly three years later it’s still going strong. Developer Niantic has kept interest in the game high by regularly releasing new features and holding special events. With the game’s third anniversary rapidly approaching, Niantic product manager Matt Slemon recently sat down with Polygon to discuss where it goes from here, and he hinted that we could see some unexpected additions.

As Slemon sees it, Pokémon GO is now finally at a place where it’s delivering on all of the promises made in the initial launch trailer. Outside of improving those existing features, Niantic is now looking to introduce new gameplay mechanics that might not be what you’d expect in a Pokémon game.

“But I think as we move forward, we’re going to start to see more features that are less traditional Pokémon features [that are] just sort of one-to-one moved over with the Pokémon Go spin. I think you’re going to see more features that are more about really showing what it means to be an AR real-world game, not just a Pokémon game. I think there will be an interesting set of stuff that we have for fans this year, and we’re excited to get that out there.”
— Matt Slemon

Aside from being a Pokémon game, Pokémon GO is also one of the most popular AR experiences in the world, and Niantic feels there is more they can do to capitalize on that fact. They recently launched the new Snapshot feature to make it easier for players to take pictures of their AR Pokémon in real-world environments, and it sounds like there’s more coming in that arena. What would you like to see next from Pokémon GO?

Source: Polygon

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