A recent Japanese live stream had Xenoblade Chronicles 3D creator Tetsuya Takahashi sit down with Nintendo’s Genki Yokota and actor John Kaminari to commentate on gameplay footage of the upcoming New Nintendo 3DS port of the Wii’s Xenoblade Chronicles. The event lasted for over two hours and is viewable above in its entirety. While the commentary unfortunately has not been translated to English, fans who don’t speak Japanese can still enjoy all the live music segments littered throughout the presentation.

If you’re curious about any other upcoming live streams from Monolith Soft, particularly one for their Xenoblade successor, Xenoblade Chronicles X, then look no further. Monolith Soft has confirmed that a presentation on the game’s Dolls (mechs) is incoming. Going by the precedent set by its previous “World” and “Battle” presentations, we can expect an announcement as soon as tomorrow (March 30), so please stay tuned to Gamnesia.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D releases in Japan and PAL regions on April 2 and in North America April 10. It is the New Nintendo 3DS’s first exclusive title.

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