A new problem has surfaced with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, with many players encountering error code 160-0103. This error code seems to almost be appearing at random for some players, and with no real clues so far as to why this this error has been occurring for some players.

A YouTube video has recently been put up by Trippy12345ify showing what this error does. In the video, the uploader shows that the disc is in great condition and has no scratches, but the error code still shows up. He also said that the game played fine yesterday, but today he was getting the error code.

Some of the experiences with the error code and ideas as to why it is occurring have been shared in the comments of the video. The common idea is that the error comes from the update data from the game, and not the Wii U itself. It seems that this error only shows up with Super Smash Bros., and all other games and functions work fine until you play Smash Bros. or try to enter the Data Management page on the Wii U. When trying to enter the Data Management page, people have been receiving the error code 160-1710.

This error can also wipe all memory from your Wii U system, and can cause your system to brick. Many people who have encountered this problem have called Nintendo, and their suggestion was to either format the system and/or send it to them for repairs. It seems that reformatting the system is what causes it to brick, though, so it is not suggested. Many people have also claimed that this happens after playing For Glory mode and starting their system up again.

It does seem that Nintendo is aware of the issue and is unsure on how to fix it, but we will have to wait for their official word on the issue.

You can view the video showing error 160-0103 in action below.

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