Today Australia and New Zealand got their very first Nintendo Direct, and with it some tasty new information about the upcoming New Nintendo 3DS. It got real when a release date was shown off for both countries. November 21st is the magic day, and the information provided in the Direct was basically just a rehash of what we learned in the Japanese Nintendo Direct, but in English!

The specs were also shown off again, as well as the pricing details; the suggested retail prices are AU$219.95 and AU$249.95 respectively, which converts to about $200 USD and $220 USD respectively. That price isn’t too bad, but a release date or even some recognition from Nintendo that the new models even exist in North America would be nice too. What do you guys think of the announcement for Australia and New Zealand? How bad do you guys want the New 3DS? Let us know in the comments!

Source: GoNintendo

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