Sonic Mania was revealed to the world last night as SEGA’s love letter to the classic 2D era of Sonic the Hedgehog. With developmental oversight from SEGA of America, the game is produced by Christian Whitehead and Headcannon—renowned for their mobile remasters of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, and Sonic CD—as well as PagodaWest Games, the indie studio behind Major Magnet.

While it’s not due for release until Spring 2017, those who attended the Sonic 25th Anniversary Party had the opportunity to try Mania out early. The demo featured the familiar Green Hill Zone longtime fans know and love, as well as a wholly original stage with the downtown Studiopolis Zone.

Have a closer look at the two Zones, and a listen to the title screen, invincibility, and Studiopolis Zone themes in the videos below!

YouTuber Tee Lopes, who has remixed several classic Sonic the Hedgehog tunes over the years on his channel, also joins the Sonic Mania project as arranger and composer for its entire soundtrack. What do you think of his new take on Green Hill, based on what you heard? What are your thoughts on the groovy Studiopolis? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jeffrey McDonell
Jeffrey is a writer for Gamnesia and The Sonic Stadium, and a pianist obsessed with video game music. Loves all things Nintendo to a fault, and enjoys long walks on the Green Hill Zone. Pretty much Gamnesia's resident Sonic fan, my dude.


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