Starting this month, Monster Hunter Generations is bringing us a whole bag of goodies, and the best part is that it’s all free! With Nintendo and Capcom co-operating, a variety of costumes, outfits, and quests, all themed around your favorite Nintendo mascots come to fruition. You can dress up your cat companions in the style of Link from The Wind Waker, as well as Okami‘s sun god, Amaterasu.

The new DLC can be acquired by talking to various NPCs throughout the world of
Monster Hunter, as well as by completing a number of new quests. There’s a lot more to this DLC pack than just a few outfits, so make sure you check out the Capcom Blog if you’d like to see the full list and instructions on where and how to find them.

This rain of fan service will be dropping each month until early 2017. The next set of free content for
Monster Hunter will be available on September 2nd and will provide even more adorable attires. The player will also be saturated with useful quest items in the near future.

Source: Capcom Blog

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