At E3, (CVG) was able to spend some time with Shigeru Miyamoto to pick his brains about some topics. These ranged from DRM, Wii U, Twitter, and playing banjo.

One of the first questions that CVG posed to Miyamoto was about Nintendo’s stance on DRM. He noted that Nintendo doesn’t really have a position when it comes to used games, and that they are “more worried about piracy.” He went further to say:

“[F]rom our perspective you want to create a game that people will want to keep and keep playing for a long time. That’s the approach that we always take and that’s the best way to avoid used games.”

When asked about what he has learned from his work on games such as Pikmin 3, he stated that he realized HD graphics work great for small details, but that the difficulty is
finding the balance between production value and core game design.

CVG then went on to ask him about the Wii U’s bumpy start. Miyamoto mentioned that people love the Wii U when they own and use it, but because of the lack of first-party content, sales are not as high as desired. He feels that, with the games being shown at E3 this year, “[he is] fulfilling [his] responsibility by providing people with the type of software that … is going to make them want to purchase Wii U.

When asked about his lack of Twitter use, he noted that he sometimes posts via the Nintendo Twitter, and that he has a personal Twitter account, but said: “But don’t look for me – you won’t find me!

The interview concluded with a question about instruments, and Miyamoto said that he is playing guitar more than banjo.

This exchange has touched on a myriad of subjects, but it seems that the take-away message is that Miyamoto and Nintendo do not currently have any type of used game policy, and that they hope the new content being shown at E3 will generate sales of the Wii U.

Have any of the recently-announced games sparked your interest? What will it take for you to purchase a Wii U, or, if you already own one, are you glad for it? Let us know in the comments below.

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