Back in the mid-nineties, Nintendo and Sony were in close competition. While the PlayStation’s disc-based media and inclusive attitude towards smaller game studios ultimately earned Sony victory over the Nintendo 64 sales-wise, gamers continue to debate which console provided a better experience.

Shigeru Miyamoto, the legendary creator behind Super Mario, Zelda, and several other successful franchises for Nintendo, naturally believes that the Nintendo 64 had a much better library of games. Edge recently uncovered an interview they conducted with Miyamoto at the height of Nintendo and Sony’s rivalry where Miyamoto explains that he believes many PlayStation games don’t feel satisfying.

“I’ll put my neck out and say that PlayStation games sound good, but when you watch them in action they’re not finished at all in my opinion. A game is finished when a creator decides it is. There are lots of games developed for Nintendo that have to be refused release because they are not finished. When you are making a game the creator must not allow it to be release because he is satisfied, he must always think about the player’s feelings and wishes. Self-satisfaction is not conducive to creativity. I think that European painters – like the impressionist Cezanne, for example – were always thinking about how to surprise the customer – to impress them in a gallery. It is very important.” — Shigeru Miyamoto

Personally, I see where he’s coming from, but I can’t say I fully agree that a game must consider the player’s “feelings and wishes” to be complete—it’s certainly a nice bonus, but if a creator has a specific and rigid artistic vision for their game, I see no reason they should compromise their self-expression to meet an audience’s desires. What do you think?

Source: Edge Online

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