It was recently announced that the international gaming sensation known as Minecraft would finally release on Wii U. With the expectation that the GamePad could be used to play Minecraft in entirely different ways via its second screen, the Wii U had the potential to be the best console version in this generation of the game. However, it would seem that Microsoft/Mojang will not be implementing this obvious choice.

Some had hoped that the Wii U GamePad would be used to access your full inventory at all times instead of needing to bring up an inventory pause menu on the TV screen. However, Mojang’s Owen Hill recently stated that they will not be implementing this feature. Hopefully this mechanic will be added in a future update, as it is a shame to not see the GamePad utilized to its fullest potential by other developers.

Were you hoping to use the GamePad to easily manage your inventory on
Minecraft: Wii U Edition? Let us know in the comments below.

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Darrin W. Harr II
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