Super Mario Odyssey was one of the top-rated and top-selling games of 2017, boosting Nintendo Switch sales to new heights during the holiday season. The game takes place in a series of self-contained stages (envisioned by Nintendo as “walled gardens”) where the player is free to roam and explore with full control of the camera, but it wasn’t always like that.

Mario’s Switch adventure is the subject of a recent episode of Did You Know Gaming. The video goes over tons of interesting trivia from the game, including the fact that Nintendo almost opted for a fixed camera. They wanted to attract a wide audience, and that includes young and inexperienced players. Nintendo feared that free control of the camera would make things too complicated for these types of players, but they changed their minds when they realized just how popular
Minecraft is with children, free camera and all.

The new episode also contains some fun musical facts. Did you know that the game’s hit theme song,
Jump Up, Super Star!, had to be completely re-written from Japanese to English, then heavily edited after that? Given that it managed to crack the iTunes top 25 list (a rare feat for video game music), it looks like those changes were for the best.

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