Nintendo’s grand debut in the mobile space is finally just about here: Miitomo. Basically, you make a Mii, customize its personality, dress it up, screw with its vocal pitch, and then send it off into the ether of the internet. It’ll ask you questions and then share your answers with your friends in some odd sort of attempt to help you get to know your friends better, I guess? It’s not a terribly ambitious concept, but it’s a free-to-play mobile game, so what are you gonna do?

Anyways, it
just hit Japan, and Nintendo’s gearing up to launch it worldwide, which means: launch trailer! Indeed, in anticipation of the imminent release of Miitomo, Nintendo’s uploaded a new trailer to the official Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel, showcasing Miitomo‘s premise and various mechanics. It’s in that same painfully vacant yet oddly intriguing aesthetic of the original Mii Channel on Wii, with breezily catchy music to back it up.

As for the literal release date,
the official website still doesn’t seem to say anything more than “March 2016,” though you can pre-register and score a few “My Nintendo points,” if you feel so inclined.

Look above to check out the launch trailer for
Miitomo, Nintendo’s first app.

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