Well, I suppose it’s time for the old PlayStation heads to toss in their hats and give up now, because when Microsoft’s director of global marketing says that his company is going to “kill Sony at E3“, you know you’re in for it.  Surely nothing can possibly stand up to such strength, such powerful words.

Either that or Microsoft is further encasing itself in its own verbal tomb.  I don’t think anyone can truly be sure about what’s going on in the sprawling corporate situation of the Microsoft company at the moment, and foremost among said group is probably Microsoft themselves.  We’ve heard numerous conflicting reports about the Xbox One’s policy regarding everything from online requirements to used games – and the kicker is that the conflicting comments are actually coming from various Microsoft employees, all “high up” ones at that.

It’s made looking for solid fact about the new system a nightmare, and the last thing Microsoft needs right now is to be caught in yet another verbal snafu.  And yet, here they are, claiming that they are going to kill Sony at E3.  It’s like a live stage production of The Cask of Amontillado in which both parts are being played by the same person.

So what do you think of all this madness?  Will Microsoft “kill Sony” in the coming weeks, or are they only sowing more distaste for their own company?  Comment away!

Our Verdict

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