During this year’s E3, Xbox boss Phil Spencer teased that Microsoft was building “a game-streaming network to unlock console-quality gaming on any device.” Today that vision was finally unveiled to the world as Project xCloud. With this upcoming service, you’ll be able to stream games that were previously console exclusives to PCs, phones, and tablets.

Like other, similar services, most of the heavy lifting will be handled by remote hardware so that your device of choice can handle games beyond its solo capabilities. Microsoft believes they can deliver a high-quality experience that doesn’t suffer from latency or quality issues, and they’ve been investing heavily in cloud tech for years to achieve this.

A version of xCloud is already up and running, and Microsoft is testing and improving it all the time. They plan to begin rolling it out via public trials sometime next year, and they hope it will soon be available to gamers all over the world. Xbox execs have stressed that this does not mean the end of console gaming. Instead, it provides console gamers with a way to play outside the living room, while also reaching out to a new audience.

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