Last year we heard a report from Liam Robertson (known for digging up details on cancelled games for Unseen64) regarding a failed Metroid pitch. According to Robertson, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow developer MercurySteam was working on a Metroid game set in a “post-apocalyptic sci-fi environment” and starring Samus alongside seven other bounty hunters.

Robertson claimed that the pitch was rejected, but that many of its elements will make their way into MercurySteam’s upcoming game
Raiders of the Broken Planet. Since then, MercurySteam studio heads Dave Cox and Eric Alvarez have spoken out in a recent interview, with Alvarez adamantly denying that any such Metroid project ever existed.

Eurogamer: Is the rumour that you created a Metroid prototype for Wii U and 3DS also bullshit?

Enric Alvarez: That’s more bullshit.

Eurogamer: Really?

Enric Alvarez: People have a lot of imagination and time to think about stuff, but that’s not necessarily the truth.

Eurogamer: So you’re saying, categorically, you did not work on a new Metroid prototype for Wii U and 3DS?

Enric Alvarez: This is exactly what I’m saying.

Dave Cox: We’re primarily working on Raiders [of the Broken Planet]. We are doing other things. But Raiders is the focus of the studio right now.

Enric Alvarez: I think this one grew from an interview we did when we were finalising Mirror of Fate. While doing an interview, somebody asked us about what other game we would like to do, and I think the Metroid thing came from that. Or it was about the Metroid influences in Mirror of Fate. The rest is pure invention.

Despite Alvarez’s strong denial of the story, Robertson is sticking to his guns. Addressing the situation on Twitter, he remarked “They worked on a prototype, told interviewees, it got leaked. They can deny it all they want, that’s the truth.”

Source: Eurogamer

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