Capcom will soon be bundling the entire Mega Man X franchise into a pair of collections (available in a dual pack) for modern consoles. In addition to the eight games, the Mega Man X Legacy Collection includes extra content like concept art, music, and even a prequel anime.

The biggest new addition is the X Challenge mode, which pits you against two bosses at once. As it turns out, there’s more to this mode than originally suspected. According to a preview in the latest issue of Japanese publication Famitsu, X Challenge also offers players a new story mode.

Unfortunately, the article doesn’t offer any additional details about this new story. It’s not clear whether each game will have its own unique story for X Challenge or a shared one. As Rockman Corner points out, several bosses from the later X games appear in the X Challenge mode of the first Mega Man Legacy Collection.

Source: Famitsu (via Rockman Corner)

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