Pokémon X & Y introduced a new mechanic (well, new to the Pokémon series anyway…) called Mega Evolution in which Pokémon can temporarily achieve a new evolutionary form by holding an item called a Mega Stone. Since then we’ve seen many popular Pokémon receive enhanced forms, giving them an edge in battle, but one that hasn’t made the cut is the Ground/Dragon type Flygon. As it turns out, Game Freak has wanted Flygon to have a Mega Evolution since X & Y, but thus far he’s been excluded due to artist’s block.

Speaking with Nintendo Dream, Game Freak’s Ken Sugimori revealed that Flygon was “dropped from consideration” simply because the artists couldn’t come up with a design they liked.

Sugimori: For Aarune, he needed to have a Pokemon that could use the moves Fly and Secret Power, which are perfect moves for finding Secret Bases. And the only Hoenn Pokemon that wasn’t used by a key character that fit that criteria was Flygon. It does not Mega Evolve, but I really like Flygon.

Interviewer: Key characters often carry a Pokemon that can Mega Evolve, but Flygon is an exception, right?

Sugimori: Flygon has had the potential to have a Mega Evolution since XY, but we were unable to complete a design and so it was dropped from consideration.

Would you like to see Mega Flygon make an appearance in a future Pokémon game? What changes and enhancements would you give it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: PokéBeach

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