Max throwing a punch from the air.Nintendo’s new fighting game for the Switch, ARMS, isn’t quite like other games in the genre. The 3D brawler has players using stretchable appendages in order to strike their opponents in Punch-Out!! meets Tekken style battles. So far, the game features ten unique fighters from which to choose, and as we learned at E3, an eleventh is coming soon.

Recently, Nintendo released a new trailer on their Japanese YouTube channel showing off the first DLC character for
ARMS: Max Brass. Max appears to have some unique gameplay features—namely, he cannot be knocked out of attacks while his arms are charged, and once he reaches less than 25% of his health, his arms stay charged for the rest of the round. The trailer also showed off Max using three unique types of arms: regular boxing gloves, grenade fists, and hammers. A new stage, ostensibly Max Brass’ home stage, was shown off as well.

Although a specific release date has not been given, Max and his stage are expected to release sometime this month. Nintendo has not announced specific plans for further DLC, but it does seem likely that more characters, stages, and arms will continue to be released for some time to come.

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