In a recent interview, Junichi Masuda spoke out regarding the potential of a new Pokémon Snap game. Pokémon Snap is an on-rails first person shooter for the Nintendo 64 where the object of the game is to take pictures of wild Pokémon for points. Both a remake and a new installment have been high demand from fans of the franchise, and it seems that their pleas have reached Masuda.

Here is what he had to say:

“It’s always great to hear from the fans and as a game player myself I can relate to what they want. They’re always wanting cool new things and obviously it would be great if we had the resources to develop all of these things but that can be difficult. As a player I definitely want to play a cool new version of Pokemon Snap but at the same time I also think if it was just a remake with better graphics I don’t think it would be as interesting as a lot of people are imagining. If someone was to end up developing it they’d have to come up with some cool ideas to really make it a good game for the current generation. It’s sort of like what I was saying about Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. If it was just a direct port that would be kind of neat as well, but having new elements is definitely important.”
— Junichi Masuda

Speaking to Kotaku UK, he added:

“It’s really popular! We get this a lot. If they were to create another one, they’d probably need to come up with some kind of new invention to make it fresh… of course, everyone thinks of the GamePad, but whoever made it would have to come up with something unexpected. Pokemon Snap was developed by HAL, originally, which is now part of Nintendo. I’m the director at the Pokémon Company, and we’re certainly not stopping it from coming out!”
— Junichi Masuda

It seems that there are currently no sequels in development, but the fact that Masuda has heard the fans’ desires means that he is listening. What are your opinions on this matter? Would you prefer to play a brand new version of
Pokémon Snap, or would you be just as happy with an updated version of the original? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: CVG, Kotaku UK

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