Mario Kart 8 is getting a new lease of life with its revamped successor Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the upcoming Nintendo Switch console. The new version of the game will have all of the original’s DLC available, as well as a Battle Mode where players can fight one another with items to pop balloons on their karts.

MK8D will incorporate several new features, including a driving assist mode which will keep players on the track without fear of falling off the stage. The game is also adding some new characters, with the Inklings from Splatoon, Dry Bones, and King Boo making an appearance. Additionally, there are now two item slots, with some item boxes giving out two items at a time, such as the Feather (which lets you jump) and Boo (which steals items from other players). The game will play in smooth 1080p at 60FPS for 1-2 players on the television, or in 720p at 60FPS when playing on the undocked portable screen. However, when 3-4 players are playing, both television and screen gameplay will drop to 30FPS.

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Source: Nintendo Treehouse Stream

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Everything looks so much cooler in my mind.


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