Steam is the biggest digital game retailer out there, and as such it has a lot of variety in pricing. Twitter user Steam_Spy shared some data on the number of available titles under various price points and the average sales those groups have made. The results are interesting, with the $4.99 and $9.99 price points being far and away the most popular for developers/publishers to set, but the average sales of the $59.99 group trumps all the others, with the $19.99 group taking second.

Now, because these are averages, this data is not all that definite. There are far fewer in the $50.00 to $59.99 range than in most others, so its sample size is much smaller—only 42 games by this charge. By comparison, the sheer volume of low-priced titles means that any number of lesser-known ones that sell poorly or do not sell at all will drag that section’s average down significantly, even if among them, there are another 42 titles that sold as well as the $59.99 titles. What this can tell us, however, is that games in the AAA price range seem to have much higher extremes than many other price points do, or at least have relatively consistent sales numbers.

The second chart shared represents the average sales multiplied by the prices. No numbers are offered for the results, so how exactly this user calculated the prices from a range is unclear. It also doesn’t tell much, because it is combining average and definite values, so it really just helps to visualize the relationships shown in the main graph.

Source: Twitter

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