It’s a secret to no one that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is perhaps the most successful and influential video game of 2017 so far. Game developers seem to be taking notice as well; GamesRadar recently interviewed various professionals in the industry about how the most recent landmark Zelda title is changing the way they think about future projects.

All across the internet, developers have been abuzz with chatter about how Zelda‘s newest installment will likely influence their upcoming titles. From creating lovable, iconic characters inspired by Breath of the Wild‘s Urbosa, Kass, and more to forging a weapon/upgrade system that is accessible and fun to get lost in, devs cannot seem to stop talking.

Rami Ismail from independent studio Vlambeer marvels at the freedom of verticality Breath of the Wild offers.

“While many open world games use weather, emergent gameplay, and other elements that Zelda also applies masterfully, no game has done verticality as well as BotW, and so much of the core experience is cunningly built around it. By contrast, it makes other open world games – even mountainous ones – feel flat.” — Rami Ismail, Developer at Vlambeer

Illustrator and game designer Kyle McKernan echoed thoughts of others by praising the introduction of nearly all of Link’s tools at the beginning of the game.

“I think one of the most inspirational things about this game that I’d love to try in my own work is the idea of simply giving the player most or all of their tools at the beginning and building the world/mechanics to allow for emergent gameplay from there. The different abilities are such a joy to play with in this game that I didn’t feel like I was choosing a lesser method when I decided to do something really silly to take out a bunch of enemies.” — Kyle McKernan

JF Major of independent studio Tribute Games expressed a desire for more item management systems that felt satisfying, even if not at first.

“I remember throwing one of my first weapons down a cliff by accident when learning the controls and immediately reloading a save file to fix that mishap. But as I got deeper into the game, I started enjoying that mechanic. Yes, sometimes I wish some weapons would last forever, but when I’m down to my last poor selection of weapons, I have to find new imaginative ways to defeat my foes. It also encourages me to master different weapon types and play styles which forces me out of my comfort zone. I would love to see a Diablo with no repairing. Did that gear just break on you? Tough luck, go find new gear!” — JF Major, Developer at Tribute Games

You can check out more of what various developers had to say by clicking here. Overall, developers have become attached to a lot of the inventive ways Breath of the Wild has handled open-world gaming.

Do you think the newest Zelda will be as influential as it sounds? And if so, are you looking forward to games that take notes from the open-world Zelda playbook? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GamesRadar

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