Level-5 launched the original Yo-kai Watch in Japan back in 2013, and it immediately drew strong comparisons to Pokémon. Those comparisons only grew stronger when its sequel launched in two different versions, followed by a third version later that year. Yo-kai Watch 3 released in Japan this Summer, and as many have speculated, a third version is now officially confirmed to be on the way.

Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki will launch on December 15th, joining the Sushi and Tempura versions on Nintendo 3DS. So far very little is known about the third version of the game, but if it follows the example of Yo-kai Watch 2 (and the various third entries in Pokémon generations), it will feature a mixture of content from both existing games alongside some new features. Sushi and Tempura will both be receiving updates on the same day, but we don’t have any details about the contents of that update at this time.

Source: Game Memo (via Nintendo Everything)

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