Konami has earned quite a unfavorable reputation among gamers in recent years, and a key factor in the divide between the company and its customers has been their treatment of key franchises. An ugly divorce from developer Hideo Kojima led to the cancellation of the highly-anticipated Silent Hills game, and fans were even more frustrated when Konami announced that their new Silent Hill project would be a pachinko machine.

Many have predicted that
Metal Gear, Kojima’s most popular franchise, would suffer a similar fate in his absence from Konami. Fuel was added to the fire when Konami filed a trademark to do exactly that, and today they officially unveiled a Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater pachislot machine. The arcade gambling device has a 32 inch 1080p LCD screen, giving players a “next generation of pachislot and entertainment experience,” with “overwhelming sense of realism, high-end visuals and dramatic and thrilling story and battles.” You can check out a trailer by clicking above.

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