Last year, famed developer Hideo Kojima was banned from attending The Game Awards after a nasty divorce from his longtime employer, Konami, but it was a different story this year. In addition to presenting Kojima with the Industry Icon award during The Game Awards 2016, Geoff Keighley discussed Konami’s treatment of Metal Gear‘s creator in an interview with Glixel.

According to his account, Konami kept Kojima completely isolated from the rest of his team for the final six months of development, refusing to allow him any direct contact with those who had worked under him for years.

“I haven’t talked much about that, but it was such a difficult time because he was going through a lot last year. The fact that he finished that game under those circumstances is just amazing. He was locked in a separate room on a different floor than his development team for the final six months of development. He couldn’t even talk to them – he had to talk through someone else. That’s how that game was finished.”
— Geoff Keighley

Konami has been accused of mistreating its employees in the past (including those working under Kojima), and Kojima’s final year with the company was marked by controversy and secrecy. Kojima has avoided discussing the ugly situation in public since leaving Konami, but that apparently didn’t stop Keighley from sharing details from their private conversations about the way he was treated.

Source: Glixel

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