Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors series has been churning out games for over two decades now, including crossover titles with other brands. Koei Tecmo teamed up with Nintendo first for Hyrule Warriors and later for Fire Emblem Warriors, and they’ve been extremely happy with the results. Could we see future Koei-Nintendo team-ups in the future?

If the
Fire Emblem Warriors team gets their way, the answer is yes. Speaking with Japanese publication Nintendo Dream, Yosuke Hayshi (Koei Tecmo’s Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer) discussed the development of Fire Emblem Warriors and expressed his desire to make a sequel.

“In terms of the development period, the project began at a time when the Nintendo Switch had not been revealed, Fire Emblem Heroes wasn’t released and Fire Emblem Fates had recently come out. Together with Nintendo and IS, it was nice to be associated with the Fire Emblem IP and stay close to it, while watching it grow bigger. Because of pressure, I worried if the game would play well, but since we were able to understand the audience, it was a very enjoyable project. We feel regret for the characters we were unable to include. If there’s the opportunity, I would love to make Fire Emblem Warriors 2, but that’s not something we’re working on right now. The Fire Emblem series itself has a long history. We’re also fans of Fire Emblem and we hope to support it in the future.”
— Yosuke Hayshi

There was a time when Fire Emblem was considered a minor Nintendo franchise with only a small, niche audience outside of Japan. The fact that it’s popular enough to warrant multiple Warriors-style spin-offs is a testament to just how much stronger the Fire Emblem brand has grown in recent years. Hopefully Nintendo’s partnership with Koei Tecmo will continue to be fruitful going forward.

Source: Nintendo Dream (via Serenes Forest)

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