The latest issue of Dengeti PlayStation just released in Japan, and it holds a large section on Kingdom Hearts III, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ [chi]. Several things are discussed, including character information, what “Kingdom Hearts” actually is, and the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater event. Here’s a portion of the transcript (a complete version can be found in the source link):

–The term “Lost Master” appeared in the conversation between Xehanort and Eraqus at the beginning of [KHIII]–is that someone who will tie into to [KHx]?

Nomura: It’s something that’ll be discussed further in [KHx], [KHUx], and [KhxBC], but it’ll be used in [KHIII].

–In what we’ve seen so far, Master Xehanort’s keyblade has a special feature of a single strike, but will that be explained in [KHIII]?

Nomura: It’ll be talked about in [KhxBC] and will connect to [KHIII].

–Will you clearly explain the definition of the word “Kingdom Hearts,” and explain what exactly it is in [KHIII]?

Nomura: Since this is also involving the final stage, I can’t say how much yet, but it will be talked about more than it has before so far.

–Please tell us more about the “
Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater” event in this year’s D23 on 11/3.

Nomura: Before we’ve used the concept of a “stage,” but this time, since it is a “theater,” please look forward to a theatrical production.

–Please tell us more about the new characters Chirithy and Ephemera, as well as the Foretellers.

Nomura: Chirithy is the player’s guide in the [χ] series. There are a number of players, but the series is one full of mysteries, and I’m often asked even by the staff members who are in the middle of playing if Chirithy is an enemy or an ally. As for the Foretellers, what I can say now is that they are the people who became the origin of the Keyblade Master. The world of [χ] is unfolding beyond their expectations. Ephemera is like the players, a wielder who is gathering light, but he feels a great amount of doubt towards the unions formed by the Foretellers, and he is looking into the mysteries of the worlds by himself.

–In the most recent trailer for [KhχBC], words like “Master of Masters,” “Six Apprentices,” “Traitor,” etc. appeared. Please tell us more about each of these.

Nomura: Master of Masters refers to the teacher of the six apprentices and the person who created Chirithy. This person is quite eccentric but is greatly praised by the six apprentices. As I answered in a previous interview, five of the six apprentices created unions, and they instruct Keyblade wielders. The one remaining apprentice hasn’t been talked about at all yet, so please wait for [KhχBC]. “Traitor” becomes a keyword of [KhχBC]’s story, so I think it will all become clear with its release.

What do you think about this new information? Personally, I’m excited to hear about this and have hope that this should tie up some loose ends in the franchise. Leave your opinions in the comments and spark your own discussion!

Source: KH13

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