E3 has lost some of its industry support in recent years with companies like Disney, Wargaming, EA, Activision-Blizzard, and even Sony opting out of attendance. The absence of these publishing giants has made more room for smaller companies to have their own place in the spotlight, and Devolver Digital’s show has become a bizarre and hilarious tradition. Now another group is throwing their hat in the ring, and they’re not a developer at all.

Kinda Funny Games held a showcase event last month, giving us updates and premieres for numerous games, mostly in the indie space. It appears the event was a success, as Greg Miller has announced that they’re gearing up for another showcase, this time at E3 2019. Kinda Funny is now taking requests from developers and publishers, and hopefully they’ll have a fleshed out lineup in time for E3.

Source: Greg Miller

Ben Lamoreux


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