It’s almost time for another Nintendo Direct, and Nintendo fans are getting excited! The list of people looking forward to tonight’s announcements includes PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya. The outspoken game director has been tweeting about the upcoming Direct throughout the day, sparking speculation that Platinum might be featured in some way.

Whether or not Nintendo has a Platinum announcement, Kamiya’s got some pointed demands. Earlier today he jokingly threatened that if Nintendo doesn’t announce a Virtual Console for Nintendo Switch and unveil a new Joy-Con with a more traditional D-pad, the developers of Bayonetta 3 just might “lose motivation.”

While Kamiya is obviously joking (…I hope), I have to say I’m about as impatient for a Switch Virtual Console as he is. While Nintendo is planning to bring their classic IP to Nintendo Switch in some capacity, they’ve been careful not to use the specific phrase “Virtual Console” in relation to Switch, which suggests they have a new format in mind. Nintendo is planning to launch their new online service in September, so we should hear more by then.

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