A couple weeks ago we posted a rumor that Nintendo was already developing their next hardware iterations as of 2013. While this doesn’t confirm when they started making the hardware, Iwata did state rather plainly that they are indeed currently researching and developing their next hardware platforms, as they always have. In addition, he reaffirms Nintendo’s stance that they will not shift their focus to other platforms, which is almost always an indication that they are not considering becoming software only. Here is how Iwata phrased it:

“Since the revision to our full-year financial forecast, there have been various reports and comments about us. However, we do not hold a pessimistic view of the future of dedicated video game platforms.

We therefore believe that dedicated video game platforms which integrate hardware and software will remain our core business. Naturally, we are moving ahead with research and development efforts for future hardware as we have done before and we are not planning to give up our own hardware systems and shift our axis toward other platforms.”

Simple and to the point. They are not abandoning their ideals, which we reported earlier, and now we know they are already making new hardware as they always do. Kudos to you, Nintendo.

Source: Nintendo

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