It’s time to dust off the old Super Nintendo again, at least if you’re a fighting game fan. Foxbat Co. Ltd., a team of developers who formerly worked for SNK, is creating Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter, a brand new 2D fighting game for none other than the SNES, in the vein of SNK classics such as King of Fighters ’98 and Art of Fighting.

The game will feature a full range of gameplay styles, offering Story, Versus, Practice, and Survival options, which is pretty good considering some games developed for newer consoles have fewer modes than that (I’m looking at you, Capcom). You can watch a few minutes of story mode gameplay above.

The game is listed on Amazon with a June 19th release date, but there’s no word on if this is the official release date, or if it’s just a placeholder put forth by the internet retailer.

What do you think of this new fighter? Is it enough for you to break out the SNES? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: Nintendo Everything, Retro Gamer

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