There’s a new action RPG coming to Wii U, and its name is Pub Master Quest. PMQ is an upcoming platforming action-RPG from indie studio Icey Games. The game blends online multiplayer beat ’em up action with an anime-inspired art direction and a quest system which the game’s director says was inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. PMQ is to be played in 3D but with a controlled camera similar to that of games like Knack.

In terms of story,
PMQ features a cast of characters with relationships that grow through playing the game’s various side stories. On a more base level, the director tells me that “Ignorance leads to death” and “enjoy what you have while it’s here” are central themes of the game.

In concordance with their recent nicer treatment of indie developers, Nintendo has “already accepted” Icey Games’s title for release on the Wii U. Pub Master Quest will be running an Indie gogo campaign in the coming months to accrue the funds necessary for its creation and potentially gain support from publisher Square Enix. Icey stresses the importance of this campaign, saying that “getting help from [Square Enix] would guarantee complete success with the title.”

Some concept art describing various parts of
PMQ‘s design and systems was provided, and it shows that the game will contain many secrets and alternate routes throughout its quests.

Pub Master Quest, Icey Games is developing a smaller, portable title which will release on either 3DS or mobile platforms. There’s already a trailer for Portable Knights – PMQ: Carrot Adventures, and you can check it out above. The Google+ fan page for both games can be found beyond this link.

Concrete details will be surfacing in the future, but as it stands, are you interested in
Pub Master Quest?

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