There are tons of gaming enthusiast podcasts out in the wild, but almost none of the top-tier podcasts are made specifically for Nintendo fans. That’s where we come in!

We here at Gamnesia are launching a brand new podcast called “Nintendo Week,” and our mission is twofold. First, we hope to recap each week in Nintendo news while reminding you of relevant information you may have forgotten. In the second half of the podcast, we’ll be doing more exclusive features—editorial discussions, fan Q&A sessions, and perhaps even interviews and exclusive reports down the line. And of course, we’ll deliver it all with a signature charm that you’ve come to love here at Gamnesia. But of course, it’s better to show than to tell, so if you’re interested, you can listen to the first episode right now in the player right below! And if you’d like to read more on any of the stories discussed, you can find links to all of our topics in the list below.

We know what you’re thinking: ”
Gamnesia, didn’t the podcast hype train die in 2005? Why on earth would you do this now?” And our answer for you is that we’ve had ten years to perfect the highest art of podcasting and deliver our content to you with the utmost sophistication and grace…. That’s totally it, yeah.

In all seriousness, we think that a podcast is a great way to deliver a week’s worth of news in a condensed amount of time—and because it will be available on iTunesYouTubePodbean, and right here at Gamnesia, you have plenty of ways to access what we hope will become one of your most trusted ways to absorb information on all things Nintendo. You can subscribe to our channel on YouTube already, and you’ll be able to find us on iTunes soon! We hope to launch a new episode every Wednesday on iTunes, Podbean, and here at Gamnesia, and upload it to YouTube shortly thereafter, so be sure to check in every week for more content!

If you’d like to give us feedback, please email me at 
[email protected], and we’ll do our best to improve our show! We want to give you guys the best podcast we can, so please don’t be afraid to leave suggestions. And if you have questions about Nintendo that you’d like some insight on, please send those in as well! When we have a good number of fan questions, we’ll be answering them in one big block, so we’d love to hear some of your thoughts.

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You can listen to the full version’ of this week’s break music, a beautiful rendition of “Lon Lon Ranch,” 
right here.

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Colin McIsaac
I first played Donkey Kong Country before even turning three years old, and have since grown into an avid gamer and passionate Nintendo fan. I started working at Zelda Informer in August 2012, and helped found Gamnesia, which launched on February 1, 2013. Outside of the journalism game, I'm an invested musician who loves arranging music from video games and other media. If you care to follow my endeavors, you can check out my channel here: I was rummaging through some things a while back and found my first grade report card. My teacher said, "Oddly enough, Colin doesn't like to write unless it's about computers or computer-type games. In his journal he likes to write about what level he is on in 'Mario Land,' but he doesn't often write about much else." I was pretty amused, given where I am today. Also I have a dog, and he's a pretty cool guy. I don't care for elephants much. I suppose they're okay. You've read plenty now; carry on.


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