San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing—pun intended—and Insomniac Games dropped some new trailers for Spider-Man at the Marvel Games panel. A new story trailer reveals that New York City is turning upside-down, and Mayor Norman Osborn is pointing the blame squarely on Spider-Man. Peter Parker turns to Mary Jane Watson and Miles Morales for help, but Osborn also gets his own unlikely ally: Silver Sable.

Silver Sable is a mercenary who has butted heads with Spider-Man many times since her 1985 introduction. While not necessarily evil, Silver Sable has been known to fall into the “supervillain” category for the right price. And from the looks of things, Norman Osborn paid her handsomely. Thus, Silver Sable joins Rhino, Vulture, and many more villains who are doing their best to murder Spidey.

Spider-Man himself finds allies in his long-time girlfriend Mary Jane Watson and his not-exactly-a-sidekick Miles Morales, who are seen together for the first time in the new trailer. Mary Jane will be playable at key moments in the game, and the trailer gives us a sneak peek at what MJ’s gameplay will be like. Miles, who also goes by the codename of Spider-Man in the comics, doesn’t do much in the trailer except make a few jokes. He wasn’t seen in his own Spider-Man suit, but he’ll more than likely don his black-and-red attire at some point in the game.

A second trailer showed off the final pre-order bonus for the game’s Spidey-Suit Pack: the Velocity Suit. This glow-in-the-dark suit is an original design made specifically for the game, and it’s the only suit in the pack without any connections to the movies or comics. The Velocity Suit, along with the other pre-order bonus suits, will be instantly unlocked for those who pre-order the game, though it will also be available in-game for those who don’t.

Spider-Man comes out September 7th exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It’s going to be a big year for the Spider-Brand, with four new Spidey-centric movies hitting theaters by next July, so Insomniac’s Spider-Man will be a great introduction to the franchise for those not already on the Spidey-train.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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