Over a month has passed since Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games launched their Indiegogo campaign for Indivisible, their mythology-heavy take on the Action-RPG genre, with an all-or-nothing fixed goal set for $1,500,000. Many backers have stepped up to join the cause, and other indie developers have pledged to contribute their own characters to the playable cast as guest stars, such as Shovel Knight‘s titular blue borrower and Guacamelee‘s luchador Juan.

Unfortunately, the studio has only just managed to scrape together $763K, and with six days left for people to pledge, the current signs for Indivisible‘s future are not very promising. Don’t despair just yet, however, for there remains a shred of hope!

In a recent Reddit AMA hosted by the company, Lab Zero Games revealed that Indiegogo would be willing to further extend the campaign period for Indivisible if they can at least reach $900K in pledges (or 60% of their funding) before the end.

As a one-off, Indiegogo notes that campaigners can request to extend their campaign to last up to 60 days in total. The crowdfunding campaign for Indivisible launched back on Monday, October 5th, with an initial 40 day contribution period, meaning that they can shoot for an additional 20 days if they can reach Indiegogo’s minimum threshold of 60%. In other words, that roughly makes three more weeks of campaign time — again, only if they hit $900K before the week’s end. As such, people who are still on the fence about whether or not to pledge to Lab Zero Games’ Metroidvania RPG are encouraged to donate now.

If funded, Lab Zero Games’ Indivisible will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and Linux, with a projected release window set for January 2018. Be sure to download the demos to give the game a try.

Source: Reddit

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