Bandai Namco and Arc System Works launched
Dragon Ball FighterZ to stellar reviews and impressive sales numbers back in January. The 2.5D anime-fueled fighting game has been a massive hit with fans, and it owes much of its success to a beautiful art style that expertly captures the action that made Dragon Ball Z popular. The latest episode of Did You Know Gaming digs into the development of FighterZ, including the process of achieving that perfect look.

While many fans believe the game to look “just like the anime,” that’s not quite what Arc System Works and Bandai were aiming to achieve. Instead, they focused on modernizing the classic style to create a new style that looks the way people imagine
Dragon Ball Z looked in their nostalgic memories. Their key moment of victory was when they finally believed they had Gohan and Goku’s father and son Kamehameha correct, which took several months.

You can learn about all of this and more by watching the video above!

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