Hoopa, one of the Legendary Pokémon present in Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, but without a way to catch it, will finally be made available. Anyone who goes to see the new The Archdjinni of the Rings – Hoopa film in Japan will be given a Hoopa during pre-booking. The distribution will take place between July 18th and September 30th, and the Hoopa will come with Nasty Plot, Psychic, Astonish, and its signature move Hyperspace Hole. Finally, this little transforming legendary will be available legitimately, assuming you are in Japan and have a Japanese copy of the game this summer.

Hyperspace Hole is a power 80 special psychic attack with 5pp. It never misses and breaks through protect and detect, which makes it impossible to avoid outside of two-turn hiding moves. The Hoopa will be wearing a Focus Sash and will arrive at level 50. All this comes from the latest issue of CoroCoro, translated by Serebii.

Source: Serebii

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Stefan Terry
One of my earliest memories with games was just after Pokémon had come out in the states for the first time. I remember, after having watched the show for a couple weeks, stumbling across a friend with an original Gameboy playing Pokémon Red version using a Weedle. When he told me he was playing Pokémon, I told him I didn't know there was a Pokémon that had a pumpkin for a head. Boy games have come a long way. Speaking of games, I also contribute to making them somewhat professionally, and ocassionaly write about them. You should see some of that games writing stuff, I hear it's real popular with the kids these days.


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