Popular developer Platinum Games is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and a game made by Platinum’s Hideki Kamiya just recently celebrated its 10th anniversary as well. Okami originally launched on PlayStation 2 back on April 20th, 2006. In honor of the anniversary, Kamiya reflected on the game in a special message to fans, and even addressed the hopes of many (himself included) that he’ll be able to create a sequel some day. You can read his message below.

“Even though ten years have passed, I’ve still been receiving congratulatory messages and requests for a sequel, so as a developer I couldn’t ever be happier than now… I’m grateful to everyone who has been supporting Okami, and also to Capcom for giving a chance to send it out to the world, while at the same time I also hope from my sincerest heart that someday I could fulfill the duty to draw the continuation of the journey of Amaterasu and co. …

“…but everyone’s expectations have been swelling so much that they’re going to burst, so even if I were to make a sequel I don’t have even a pixel of confidence that it could surpass the original…”
— Hideki Kamiya

Okami got a sequel in the form of Okamiden on Nintendo DS, but Kamiya was not involved in the game’s development, as Clover Studio (Okami‘s original developer) had been dissolved and Kamiya had gone on to work at Platinum Games.

Source: Hideki Kamiya (via Nintendo Everything)

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